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We are a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have a clear objective: to change the world of childhood feeding and fight against child obesity. And we want to do it in a fun, entertaining and educational way.

We have created the brand of Capitán Timmy, a superhero aimed at pre-school children.

This superhero has well defined values: entertainment, education and fun. And a mission: to promote better eating habits.

Our idea is to create 3d animated episodes, a web series or a series with the Adventures of Capitán Timmy to cast: online or through thematic TV channels.

We have already developed the scripts for 13 episodes of 7 minutes each. You can watch the teaser below.

Very few characters for children can boast of having a mission: In this case it is to talk, encourage and teach to eat well, to improve their diet and discover the benefits of fruits, vegetables, etc. Therefore, Capitán Timmy can be proud to communicate a social message.

The idea / The challenge: To find fellow travelers who want to participate in such a “crusade” that it is only the children who eat better and combat childhood obesity.

We believe that you as partners, sponsors, investors can do a lot. We lack that “push” and we believe that TOGETHER we can do it…. because the union makes the force. And we also believe in the project.

And what is your mission?
To help us all to produce the project, and that everyone speaks that it has been possible thanks to you and your commitment to building a healthier society.

Capitán Timmy and his Universe can be a great transmedia project, from a series, games, or anything you can imagine. The possibilities are many.

It’s just believing and joining. One fact: J. K. Rowling, yes the Harry Potter writer, was rejected by 12 editors. Until only one believed in her. The result: it is well known to all – a worldwide success!

So, we Talk?

Join to Capitán Timmy, Adriana, Marti and the villain Lord Zilla.

All the products you can imagine and much more.